14 Apr 2011::US Embassy to China
Jon M. Huntsman, U.S. Ambassador to China, congratulated Tang Energy for their selection among twelve worldwide honorees for the Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE). Tang Energy was selected as an honoree on the basis of its efforts to promote development and U.S.-China cooperation in clean energy technologies; enhance industrial energy efficiency; and provide student health and education opportunities.

07 Sep 2010::US Department of State
The Office of the Secretary of State announced Tang Energy as one of twelve finalists in contention for the Award for Corporate Excellence, or ACE. Tang Energy was selected to be an ACE finalist for demonstrating excellence in corporate citizenship abroad, innovation, and democratic principles.

04 May 2009::Salon
A Chinese Wind Blows Through Texas
Reuters reports that Tang Energy Group, a Dallas-based company, has signed a deal for $300 million in financing from a subsidiary of the state-owned industrial group China Aviation Industry Corp. (CAIC) to build wind farms in the U.S. Previously, Tang Energy Group specialized in clean energy projects in China, but now it's turning its focus to the United States.

01 May 2009::Reuters
Chinese company to finance $300 million in U.S. wind farms
Private U.S. company Tang Energy Group said on Friday that a Chinese company has agreed to provide $300 million in financing for its wind power projects.

22 Feb 2009::KERA
KERA - CEO - Patrick Jenevein, Tang Energy
We visit a wind farm in Lubbock where Jenevein talks about how the company could benefit from the renewable energy incentives in the $787 billion stimulus package. Watch video:

20 Dec 2008::Far Eastern Economic Review
A clean-energy future will not come to the U.S. cheaply or easily. Nor will America be able to achieve it working alone. China needs to be involved. 一个拥有洁净能源的未来将不会如此轻易地降临美国。 并且仅单靠美国这一个国家将无法实现此梦想,所以中国也必须为此而付出、参与。's Green Future-Chinese.pdf

05 Dec 2008::Far Eastern Economic Review
China's Green Future
Giving the ailing state of the economy in the United States, many believed that President-elect Barack Obama would backtrack on his campaign promises on climate change. Yet he reiterated his message recently at a major climate-change conference by pledging to spend $150 billion over 10 years to secure a clean-energy future for America.

20 Dec 2007::D CEO Magazine
Dallas Wind Energy Company Helps China Clean Up Its Act
Patrick Jenevein of Tang Energy Group is making waves with the company’s Chinese projects.